I know what is needing to be done, despite a desire to hold on.
Every sinew crying out, the pain irrelevant as I promise not to let go.
Fingers bloodied, muscles almost bursting through the skin,
senses alert to everything around.
And yet, if i let go, what will she fall into?
The given wisdom was that the blackness below was empty nothingness,
and for me me probably would be,
but for her?
For her it could be a new, unhindered beginning.
She can’t look down, can’t see what I see.
But if she did, what is pure blackness (to me)
might just be something more real (to her)
than clambering up my arm to ‘safety’.
So I let go, release my grip, watch her fall away.
Her screams just a semi-reference to my own unknown,
but they fade in time.
Leaving me to wonder, to contemplate,
to fathom the impossible solution to a puzzle I can’t answer.
Unless I go back there, and leap into the void myself,
become one with the unknown,
understand that which I can’t as I look down from the rocks which tower above.
But at least this ground is stable,
with a reality I’ve always understood, physics which follow simple rules.
So why am I looking over the edge right now?
Steve B 04/08