As each percussionist hit the right beat, exactly at the right moment
it was as if the sheet music spoke to them
It didn’t, but it seemed that way,
like kneeling before God to pray
without a sin to confess.
God’s orchestra perhaps, containing the musical diversity
of a thousand thousand different cultures and ethnicities.
Bringing together that which makes them all different,
yet showing that which makes them all the same.
No animosity, no regret, no human desire at all.
A simple sound,
kept in check by the beat, as always, just at the right moment.
Soaring, diving, impassioned and imploring.
Something for everyone,
everything for someone, written down for all to see.
Without which it was lost, just hummed at moments when the mind felt free.
For what makes something so ethereal, so divine?
Any song we hear that reminds of things that aren’t felt anymore.
Of times long gone, periods in life which can’t be taken back,
even if we’d sell our souls for a chance to.
God’s orchestra…..
It begins and ends on a single heartbeat.
Steve B 04/08