He looked into the mirror, adjusting his tie whilst noting he looked about as good as he could.
His suit was brand new, pressed and fitted his somewhat large body perfectly.
Dark blue, with almost imperceptible pinstripes, it made him appear slimmer
than he was, but also taller too.
He heard footsteps coming down the stairs, having been told to wait, to rein in his impatience.
But his anticipation had grown with each passing minute.
Avoice asked if he was ready, and without realising he stood a little straighter, a little more prideful.
The front door opened slowly, she walked in with an elan and grace only a woman of real culture is able to do.
It was stunning, so beautiful she could stop time itself.
Her long evening dress, dark green in colour, hung off the shoulder.
Flowing down her, almost but no quite reaching the floor.
Very low cut, accentuating her impressive curves, she knew exactly how to appeal to his mind… And his more primal senses.
The makeup on her face was subued in the weak lighting, yet it just made her lips more kissable,
her eyes even larger and deeper, he fell into them every time they met his own.
Her favourite scarf ran from underneath her dark, curling locks and framed her breasts.
As her hair framed that ever so beautiful face.
She walked up to him, offered her hands before they embraced.
He loved her so much, probably far too much, and her kisses just melted his heart.
Whenever they were together, he wished it would never end, never to be parted again.
On cue, a car horn pipped twice in rapid succession outside.
With lights turned off, and keys in hand they left the house.
He opened the car door for her, letting her pull up the hem of her dress before gently closing the door.
Climbing into the other side, his smile was four feet wide, hers wasn’t that much smaller.
With money handed over, they looked up at the building in front of them.
It was old, stone, weathered. The new glass entrance and reception point looked gaudy by comparison.
Crossing the threshold, and holding the tickets he had purchased the day before, he directed her to the correct queue.
Their seats were front row, with their intertwined they watched the play unfold.
Laughing, crying and just taken aback in equal measure, it was a powerful and emotive piece.
One she had mentioned wanting to see, if she could find the time.
The time was now, with the man she loved. As the curtain fell, she closed her hand tightly around his.
Mouthing ‘Thankyou’, with a real look of appreciation in her every fibre.
Their applause was the loudest and longest of anyone in the audience,
the cast came for the final bow and she was the first to rise from her seat, with everyone else in her wake.
Just like it was in nearly all things.
With her programme in one hand, his hand in the other they slowly left the theatre.
By now the night had come, an orange glow from the street lighting bathed the world, changing how everything seemed.
It was also much colder, his breath visibly wafting up into the air by convection.
He took off his suit jacket, wrapping it around her. If he could feel the cold, it was undoubtedly even more chilling for her.
As their next destination drew closer, he wondered how many more evenings they’d have like this.
Wondrous, fulfilling, with conversations of the mundane, as well as the fantastic.
Walking through history, cobbled stones underfoot one moment, paving slabs the next.
The menu was trapped in a mock gilt frame, which for some reason was positioned far too low for him to read
without really bending down.
She studied it carefully, commenting on how lovely it all sounded, but then noting how cold it was
before bolting between the white painted pillars and through the entranceway.
The maitre d’ scanned the list of reservations, finding a table for two booked.
He was somewhat annoyed they were twenty minutes late, but you don’t walk out during an ovation.
He took them to a table, with a window overlooking the river.
The view was unbelievable, the three month waiting list for this restaurant made a lot more sense now.
It was almost panoramic at this height, even though they had only climbed three flights of stairs.
Wine arrived almost instantly, bottles in a cooler to be chosen from. He deferred to her greater knowledge in this area,
not wanting to come across as unncultured. But they both knew he had no clue.
As they sipped from the glasses, he leant over the table, just to get slightly closer,
before being interrupted by a waiter with the menus. The order was just a formality, she’d made her mind up for them both
before coming in.
He loved her for that, as she knew him so well.
With the conversation flowing even faster than the wine was being drunk, they laughed loudly enough to draw stares from other patrons.
Yet their focus was fixed on one another, and he was happier than he’d ever been.
With his suit jacket now resting on the chair, behind his back, he spied the food arriving.
Starters, then a sumptuous main course, and the finest dessert they had to offer.
And all throughout they shared the moment, without a break in their smiles.
With the wine gone, the food eaten, and a return taxi due any minute, he took out a card and swiped for the meal.
His jacket placed around her shoulders again, they left for home, but not before a few pictures of the view were taken on mobile phones.
The front door opened, and they fell into a cup of tea each, and collapsing together on the sofa
He moved in to kiss her, she responded in kind.
With clothes hastily removed, his hands felt the soft places he felt honoured to have the pleasure of being so close to.
The teas were forgotten, as the bed began to call.
In the moonlight he used his skill and love to get her to the highest level of sensation possible. Again, and again, and again.
All the while he contained his growing need to release the sexual explosion contained within him.
Only when she was fully satisfied would he let himself go, as she was doing repeatedly. But he loved having this power over her,
her trust and heart letting her remove her mind from her body.
It was pure orgasmic energy coursing through her, head to toe, with the source of her femininity right in the middle,
with him caressing it with the expertise none had matched, nor ever will.
As she climbed on top, her eyes again told him exactly what her mouth couldn’t express in words.
With her rhythm increasing, she climaxed for the final time, as he let everything he had go inside her.
Wave after wave, both of them felt as one.
Collapsing down on him, her chest in his face, she whispered how much she loved him into his ear.
Although they were somewhat covered up, the words were crystal clear, and what he lived to hear.
With his love now deep within her, she climbed off and lay down beside him.
In the moonlight her unrivalled magnificence just spoke to him even more,
this was an evening that would remain with him forever. So even if there weren’t any others to come, this one would always remain.
With covers pulled up, he turned over to sleep, blew two kisses, and closed his eyes.
He rested his hand on her bottom, feeling the softness, using it as a physical reference
to remind him she was there. Plus it just felt nice.
He started to drift away, but not before saying ‘I Love You’. There was no reply.
Of course, he’d been asleep all along.
Steve B 03/08