You’re the perfect dream I had as a child,
the heart and soul that hums in unity to everything I am.
You can’t be faulted for who you are,
a living goddess to all i would kneel down and worship.
I breathe only to sustain my life for you,
work at being all I can be for a glance in my direction.
Just a single look to acknowledge I exist,
hanging on for perhaps a word.
To hear you speak, regardless of what you say.
It’s all magic to me, in your presence, your space and environment.
Even if I don’t fit in, or conform. An insect buzzing around your head.
To me your still the statue a master craftsan laboured for a lifetime to make,
and still wasn’t happy. Realising that he hadn’t captured the essence he saw fleetingly in his mind.
Crying as he knows he’l never have the time to try again, what he had is all he’d ever accomplish.
You are the air that fills my lungs,
that which gives me life, purpose, desire……
But for all you are, to me, you won’t offer the same in return,
nary a brief consolation of what was.
Gone from sight, but not from mind.
You fuel the flames, yet I fan them myself.
Steve B 03/08