As the black wind howled a small crowd gathered,
fascinated by the swirling leaves.
‘Blowing in the changes’, one man said
to another, but he got no reply.
Only tears, which were dismissed as merely particles whipped up.
As they all dispersed with hoods pulled up
to cover a variety of expressions that no one wanted to show,
a collective recognition was invisibly reached.
Change had come, as the leaves began to settle,
several falling on the broken boughs that once supported them.
As the next day began to unfurl and assessments made of how to progress,
all were changed and now different to each other.
Familiarity between those so close all gone, only new associations to create.
Time ending what was, forcing people to move on, move away.
Their rebuilt ideals may include lessons learnt, a deeper understanding,
just as the leaves will melt into to ground, before they reappear.
Blowing in the wind once again.
Steve B 03/08