Another year of life goes by,
sitting in a different place but the sensation is the same.
No steps forward, no steps back.
A status quo of ambivolence achieved through a haze of now semiconciousness.
A birthday with no gifts,
no hip hip hooray or candles to blow out and a wish to make.
No messages of goodwill, just a sense of complete solitude etched too deep to reach.
Gone are the childhood days of friends and family there to mark the occasion,
all that remains now is the bewilderment at the lack of virtual congratulations.
No messages to read, no smile to remind of what it is to be a whole year older.
Just emptiness at the forgotten milestone, and a whole year to see if it happens again.
So raise a glass to it being just another day,
the start to weekend, the end of the thirty-first year.
Steve B 02/08