How do we deal with life, when the tables are turned?
To go from being the hunted, the pursued,
the object of another’s desires.
Knowing how powerful it can be to hold sway of their emotions,
feeling their love, their want, their need just to be close.
Being the centre of their universe, the gravity which surrounds you,
pulling them in, watching them slowly orbit, circling, waiting to collide.
Perhaps it is fated, to then move away, removing your influence,
deeming their destruction in the Sun less painful than those amazing collisions can be.
Reaching past the epicentre, realising there are many things to grab hold of,
too few moments in which to do so, and,
perhaps, several people with their associations and memories to forget.
New friends, that you like, in the here.
Wanting more, now is the time to push, to feel the gravity.
To chase, pursue, to hunt.
And possibly fall in love.
Steve B 01/08