What’s left to embrace when the choices we’ve made continually haunt us?
Emptiness through choice, exchanging the pain of helping someone,
despite the possibilities.
For the pain of being alone,
where the possibiliities are shrouded in perpetual darkness.
Loneliness can only show us what we have chosen to throw away.
Those thrown away are only shown where they failed,
and no long can the opportunity of mutual growth be found…
That is where fear began, where it lives right now, and how the future is likely to present itself.
Never knowing, always caring, but understanding eludes even the sharpest mind.
Can what we desire ever be found, if what we dream is something we can’t appreciate?
If it requires compromise to grow,
intermittent pain on our part in order to blossom?
Yet the blooms could be the most rewarding, satisfying and almost divine experience.
And the peace found is a truly spiritual experience to share and love.
But of course, as long as the paths we walk are driven through invidual choice, rather than mutual agreements…
They will be bathed only in twilight, cold and bitter.
If ‘we’ choose to travel alone, our roads will always be empty.
Steve B 01/08