So what is it?
What makes someone better than another?
We sit and dream, wondering what it would be like to wanted for who we are,
and then,
when someone comes along and gives us that selflessness
we change our minds.
And expect them to accept their foolishness at taking someone at their word.
It creates tears, pain and suffering.
But who cares?
Some insignificance deems our words as truth and we’re supposed to let it mean something?
That we cite past experiences, tell of what we have been through to explain the things we want.
And then, when that someone opens up and allows you to let them in….
So what is it?
What makes someone better than another?
If all we have are words, can we not speak the real truth?
Or do we wait until getting together to really understand ourselves?
Taking back what we meant, knowing we look like a hypocrite,
but not caring as it is only virtual and thus meaningless.
And so the cycle carries on,
days following nights, following days.
Hiding the real feelings, the pertinent truth,
claiming one thing while meaning another.
Breaking hearts, while supposedly saving our own.
Again I let myself believe.
Again I end up hurt and alone.
What makes someone better than another?