She is the most beautiful of creatures,
in mind, spirit and form.
An intellect which challenges, frustrates
and above all inspires.
Never ceasing to amaze on an almost daily basis.
Twists and turns, snaking between the pointlessly surreal,
and the deepest, most earnest discussion.
But always straight from that epicentre which
holds me captive: Willingly though, obviously.
The past has tested the nerves,
brought great pain and joy.
Not in equal measure though,
making the soul sing different tunes at different times.
Stories of anguish, coupled with memories of felicity……
All come together to make the person.
The loves and the passions,
and the things I have been a part of,
ups: most definitely.
Downs: one or three.
Each day illuminates, closeness intensifies.
The curves, of a body which defines perfection,
to a man who knows what a gift he holds.
Bountiful and pleasing to the eye,
neverending variations when in motion.
Captivating voluptuousness,
red blooded responses.
Smiles of subtle variety, but also exactly the same,
lips to kiss, a million times would not be enough.
Eyes of deep allure, tinged with wisdom and at times
reflecting the emotions contained within.
A creature of beauty,
time will never diminish her effect on me. 
Steve B 11/06