Hurt can make us do some strange things.
I was hurt so badly I vowed never to give my heart to anyone again.
So to keep that promise I held some back,
not a huge amount. Not so much anyone noticed.
Except me.
One day I met someone who changed my views.
A woman of such exceptional quality, I could not do her justice
unless I gave of myself completely.
I knew it was a risk to place my heart in her hands,
but I love her.
I love her so much that it is put your money where your mouth is time.
We talked about my belief in risking pain and hurt a million times
in order to find what I had been looking for.
So I headed off to break that little part of myself out.
High walls, archers, drawbridge and steep sided embankment.
This was not going to be easy.
Had I left myself so guarded I could never give completely?
But as I approached, I noticed something strange.
No one was watching me, the defenders all faced inside this castle.
Reaching the drawbridge, I rapped hard against the oak.
A voice said they had been waiting for me to arrive, and then it lowered.
Entering cautiously I looked around, every guard was stood motionless.
Each one had a name tag around thier neck, and each name was a reason.
A reason for what, i did not understand.
Then in the centre ot the castle I saw the fragment of my heart.
Tied up, beaten and shackled to the ground.
The warden explained they had not done this to it, it was found this way.
The wounds did not seem to heal, even though each reason there tried to protect.
It whimpered as I approached, shying away from me.
Arms held open, and sorrow in my eyes I reached out,
and it came into my arms.
The shackles fell away and the cuts and bruising vanished.
One by one the guards disappeaed, and I understood.
Each one stood for a reason to keep this small part of me contained.
And they guarded it well, so well I had forgotten how it felt to be whole.
It felt really good.
Now I give myself completely, nothing held back.
If only I can get the same in return, I will be a happy man.