A majestic mountain rising up to the ceiling of the world,

the sea stretching away and meeting the sky on the furthest reaches of the horizon.

Trees beginning to turn green as nature awakens as Springs enters Summer,

Grass growing and the feet of children feeling the blades after so many months.

The Sun winning the battle over who should be seen for longest,

and the Moon retreating, knowing her time aloft will come again.

The warmth of the air felt walking into the street after being trapped inside all day,

a feeling of freedom instantly gone as familiarity takes over but so welcome in its’ briefness.

One song not heard for so long bringing back memories as clear as when they were formed,

and a smile on a face as the lyrics trigger an epiphany when they were just words in the past.

Clouds parting as soon as the rain has stopped with the glare of the light stinging the eyes,

and dusk arriving making it harder to see where to go.

A kind word from a stranger to see if things are alright,

to helping a friend because it is just the right thing to do.

From seeing the look in your lovers eyes when they climax and truly let go,

and feeling truly vulnerable when you need to let go yourself.

There is beauty and feeling in everything around us, most goes by unnoticed.

But if we could all just become aware of one of them and remember that exact moment,

those fragments in time will never be lost and we will all be better for it.