The room, large and imposing, was empty and forlorn,
flowers littered the floor, scattered and torn.
A sea of smiling faces no longer seen,
a place of love and happiness no longer serene.
To think of the dreams created that day,
memories which died when she walked away.
Our future together was no longer there,
just an ache in my heart replacing the fair.
It all seemed so perfect and hopeful and true,
we dreamt hand in hand and i knew it was too.
To see what could be in a wonderful way,
was to picture the scene of that beautiful day.
A farytale you might think it had been,
and all who were there would say they had seen.
Two people together through sharing their love,
her face was beaming, his eyes fixed above.
On a bright streaming light cascading down,
it shone on her beauty, so deep he might drown.
Nothing could spoil their wonderful day,
but something was brewing and it was there to stay.
A feeling deep down that something was wrong,
her needs were not met, her will was not strong.
Gone in a moment it will always remain,
in my heart and my soul and etched in my brain.
From beginning to end the day will be there,
Begining so perfect…. An end of despair.
The room contained my dream of the marriage we had,
But the nightmare was real, forever driving me mad.
The day was the relationship, starting so well,
but ending with tears over which i will dwell.